IoT Based Smart Energy Monitoring System

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Energy is a precious resource especially now and moving forward when most of our energy sources are mostly fossil fuels are depletable or nature dependent. We often come across situations where excess energy is used up or rather wasted when no one is utilizing it. This brings us the need to conserve the energy and manage it efficiently.

As goes the saying, “You cannot manage what you don’t measure”. Energy usage should be systematically recorded and analyzed to increase energy efficiency. The only way you can work toward global climate goals is to monitor your consumption and reduce it sustainably. By monitoring energy consumption, and having access to usage data, you can manage your consumption behavior and ultimately reduce costs and emissions. This is where technology can be deployed to enhance sustainability for future generations.

Internet of Things (IoT) interconnects devices, people, data, and processes, by allowing them to communicate with each other seamlessly. Hence, IoT can prove to be a gamechanger if utilized to proactively monitor energy consumption, increase the share of renewable energy, and reduce environmental impacts of the energy use.

Energy monitoring is primarily a management technique that uses energy information from the devices, as a basis to eliminate waste, reduce and control current level of energy use and improve the existing operating procedures. It involves tracking, recording and visualizing energy consumption, which can be across an entire facility or right down to an asset. With a wide range of industry applications, IoT-based real-time energy monitoring solutions enable you to make more informed business decisions, to achieve greater operational efficiency, and fair usage of energy resources for future generations.

IoT Based Smart Energy Monitoring System

IoT-based smart energy monitoring system comprises of sensors, routers, microcontrollers, and other potential devices to automate the energy management process. IoT-based systems automate, integrate, and control processes through sensors and communication technologies. Large data collection and use of intelligent algorithms for real-time data analysis help to monitor energy consumption patterns of different users and devices in different time scales and control that consumption more efficiently.

IoT comes with a GUI based analytics platform that interacts with the cloud-based servers and passes on information to and from the deployments. It collects data and prepares reports for you to drive quality improvements and implement predictive maintenance to enhance productivity.

  • Energy efficiency indicators
  • Remote operation of appliances
  • Energy consumption alerts
  • Connected Device indicators
  • Reports and Analysis
  • Optimize energy usage

With the growing adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT), connected devices have penetrated every aspect of our life, from agriculture, home automation, automotive and logistics, to smart cities and industrial IoT. Thus, it is only logical that IoT, connected devices, and automation should find its application in your enterprise and improve nearly every facet of it.

EnergyBots delivers world class solutions for agriculture, industries, offices, malls, housing complexes, and households. We are an experienced team of highly qualified professionals with vast expertise and domain-specific knowledge. From hardware and sensors to infrastructure, data management, and application development, our portfolio covers all aspects of the development process. We combine machine-to-machine communication, the Internet of Things (IoT), and eBots(cloud based data platform) for increased automation, improved communication, real time monitoring and predictive maintenance.

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