IoT Controller for Water Pumps


EnergyBots IoT Water Pump Controller automates the functioning of water pump, on the basis of flow and the level of water in storage tanks. The IoT water meter is made up of a combination of water level sensors, configured to work in synchronization. The water level sensor automatically detects water level and water supply, and then signals the pump regarding operations. This wifi water pump controller comes primarily with GSM technology, and does not require an app to communicate. It uses the SMS communication protocol to exchange notifications. This IoT water meter is ideal for smart homes, IoT based smart agriculture, IoT based industrial solutions and smart offices.

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IoT Controller for Water Pumps

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Product Features

  • Remote control of water pump using SMS
  • Get notifications on SMS alerts when the motor status changes
  • Setup scheduler for switching the pump ON/OFF
  • The module operates over GSM
  • Easy to install
  • SIM card insertion, on board GSM module
  • Can be setup with existing pump
Connectivity Protocol

GSM, Wifi, Ethernet

Water Level Sensor

With Water Level Sensor, Without Water Level Sensor

Dry Run Sensor

With Dry Run Sensor Detection, Without Dry Run Sensor


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