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Adopt EnergyBots Climate Control Solutions for reliable climate management
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About The Solution

Climate Control Solutions

Automatic Temperature Control For Optimum Climate

Climate control is no more about wrestling with the remote for settings to achieve the right climate. It involves, maintaining the optimum temperature, maintaining the air quality, switching between natural resources and man-made devices to maintain the balance of climate. With the emergence of IoT technology, climate control solutions have come a long way!
You can simply set your preferences, and your smart climate control solution can manage the climate, just the way you want it.

The climate in buildings and industries is controlled by a complex system called HVAC (heating, ventilation, air-conditioning). The HVAC system has many components, but IoT and the use of sensors is the most important one.

Gain overall climate control by integrating an automatic temperature control system that not only lets you easily adjust the temperature and humidity in your deployment but lets you adjust lights and shading for ultimate climate and energy control. The reduced energy costs, simply by controlling the shades and temperature throughout the day, will amaze you. Take advantage of the natural sun in the winter for heating and block it in the summer to maintain cool temperatures.

IoT based solutions for automatic temperature control
Understanding The Challenges

Why Smart Climate Control Solutions?

For many people, the escalating energy bills can be a major source of concern. While the modern costs of living are rising, so are the negative impacts of the depleting natural resources of energy. This makes it more essential to adopt the IoT-based climate control solutions. Here are some reasons why smart climate control should be considered:
Climate control solutions for escalating energy charges
Temperature management across rooms
Vehicle management and scheduling for climate control
IoT solutions for carbon footprint control
Solutions for cumbersome operations
Climate control solutions to manage temperature fluctuations
Climate control appliances do not rely on traditional remote controls or on-device buttons. You can manage your device from a smartphone or a smart home hub! Moreover, you can set automated triggers and smart settings such as geofencing to operate your appliance. The IoT based devices can automatically turn off/on according to your preset instructions and controls.

Encouraging energy efficiency with IoT-based smart climate control solutions

Climate control is the most important part of the IoT-based indoor automation solution. It provides the luxury of automatic temperature control in units with the help of remote controls or audio commands, and also can keep the air quality in check.

Here are some benefits of smart climate control:

Smart climate control devices have made our lives easier, considering the reduced struggle with maintaining the temperature, humidity levels and air quality manually. They have not only made homes buildings and industries smarter and so much more convenient, but also enhanced energy savings.

Smart Climate Control Products

Smart climate control solutions from EnergyBots can help you keep the energy bills in check, while sending prior notifications about maintenance and device health. After the HVAC systems and the IoT based smart devices are installed, you can easily get instant feedback about the operational efficiency of our products on your smartphone and web-based apps.
EnergyBots IoT based devices for energy monitoring
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IoT Based Climate Control Systems - Maintaining optimum temperature and energy efficiency

Whether at work, on vacation, or away from your physical devices, you can manage the climate in your unit using the EnergyBots climate control solution. Adjust the temperature controller to your needs at any time of the year and save energy. EnergyBots offers smart climate control solutions for sustainable energy practices:

We offer smart energy solutions for sustainable energy practices:

Smart Building Solutions

Building automation and automated building control systems have benefitted facility owners, operators, and managers with operational and cost efficiencies of automating infrastructure such as security, lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC system), and more. Smart buildings, which connect building operations through the IoT enabled smart appliances, simplify tasks like controlling building temperature, security and maintenance through mobile devices and computers. The ability of EnergyBots LoRa wireless radio frequency technology to penetrate dense building materials, make it the preferred technology for IoT-connected smart buildings. The LoRa protocol delivers efficient, flexible and cost-effective connectivity for indoor and outdoor IoT applications, operating seamlessly over public, private or hybrid networks.

Smart Agriculture Solutions

Agriculture, based on IoT technologies, is envisioned to enable producers and farmers to reduce waste and improve productivity by optimizing the usage of technology to boost the efficiency of farms. It gives better control to the farmers for their livestock, growing crops, cutting costs, and resources.

EnergyBots smart farming solutions have enabled farmers to reduce waste and enhance productivity with the help of soil sensors (light, humidity, temperature, soil moisture, etc.) and automation of irrigation systems. With the help of these soil sensors, farmers can monitor the field conditions from anywhere. Once an IoT-enabled smart system is in place, farmers can easily track a variety of environmental variables and make informed decisions.

Industrial IoT

EnergyBots IIoT solutions monitor the operation of chiller plants in real time to understand chiller plant efficiency. Our sensors provide real time operational status of chiller plants, while the eBots app proves to be the remote temperature controller in your palm. Our application can manage multiple chilled water plants from a single login, while leveraging Machine Learning and AI algorithms for dynamic optimization of Chiller Plants to reduce energy consumption.

Smart pumps and metering solutions

IoT based Smart Prepaid Single-Phase & Three Phase Smart Meter and eBots App from EnergyBots track your energy consumption of industries, manufacturing plants, office, room without the hassles of checking monthly bills and recording main electricity meter units. Recharge your electricity units using eBots, our cloud based mobile and web application. Electricity account gets credited for respective units based on recharge amount, while you get real time, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, consumption and record history on eBots Mobile Application. Also get notified on usage of 80% - 90% electricity according to your last recharge.

eBots App

Real Time Energy Monitoring & Management on the go

All EnergyBots products are accompanied by a cloud-based app, named eBots, that helps in monitoring and analyzing of energy consumption and connected devices across your operations. eBots is the data analytics platform of our IoT-based products, which collects real time energy data from the sensor-based devices and analyzes them to prompt quality improvements and implement predictive maintenance for enhanced productivity and savings.

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