IIoT Industry 4.0 uses the power of smart machines and real-time analytics to automate and streamline industrial processes
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Make your organisation future ready with EnergyBots Industrial IoT(IIoT) solutions
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Building productive, secure, and scalable Industrial IoT(IIoT) solutions
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About The Solution

Industrial IoT(IIoT) Solutions

Optimizing Industrial Operations

At EnergyBots, we develop industrial IoT(IIoT) solutions that bring machine, cloud computing, analytics, and processes together, to enhance the performance and productivity of industrial operations. IIoT Industry 4.0 helps automate processes, transform business models, and ensure real time data analytics, while reducing costs, wastes and carbon footprints.

The industrial internet of things (IIoT) refers to the extension and use of the internet of things(IoT) in industrial sectors and applications. With a strong focus on machine-to-machine communication, big data, and machine learning, the IIoT enables industries and enterprises to have better efficiency and reliability in their operations.

Industrial IoT is a network of devices, machinery and sensors connected to each other and to the Internet, with the purpose of collecting data and analysing it for continuous process improvement. They are comprised of smart sensors, machines, tools, software platforms, cloud servers and applications.

Real-time data from sensors provides insights for industrial devices and infrastructures and enables better decision making and growth opportunities. The monitoring and control of physical infrastructures in industrial operations, like smart manufacturing, smart agriculture, smart logistics, smart grids, and others, are simplified through the use of smart sensors and actuators along with the cloud based user interface.

Smart energy management systems are digital automation platforms that collect energy measurement data from the field and make it available to users through real time monitoring tools and apps. It helps organisations with real time proactive monitoring and management of energy.

Our IoT products, and connectivity tools efficiently manage your energy usage, regardless of scale or stage. From electricity meters to power grid infrastructures and smart water monitoring systems, IoT-enabled smart energy solutions from EnergyBots facilitate real-time remote energy metering and monitoring, streamlined device management, predictive fault management, and proactive analytics.

Industrial Operations by using Industrial IoT Solutions
Understanding The Challenges

Success Factors for IIoT Industry 4.0 Implementations

With the integration of operations and the internet, more intelligent and automated machines are being introduced in the industrial world, which in turn invites new challenges that would require understanding of the IIoT intricacies. Also, the proliferation of smart devices has given rise to security vulnerabilities and the concern of security accountability. Adoption of IIoT is set to revolutionize industrial operations, but there is the challenge of having strategies in place to boost digital transformation efforts while maintaining security amid increased connectivity. Consider the following success factors for an IIoT implementation:
Having these factors in place can ensure success of your Industrial IoT implementations. The convergence of IT and OT provides industries with greater system integration in terms of automation and optimization, and transparency.

IIoT Industry 4.0 – Facilitating data-driven decisions for smart industries

While no two industries are the same, the benefits of a well-planned and executed Industrial IoT(IIoT) solution can lead to cost reductions, time savings, improved product and service delivery, and bottom-line gains. IIoT Industry 4.0 is simplifying operations and processes for smart manufacturers. IIoT enabled machines capture and communicate real-time data more accurately and consistently than previously possible. IIoT allows organizations to break open data silos and gain access to information at every level.

By harnessing IIoT Industry 4.0 and advanced analytics technologies, industries can:

IoT enabled machine to increase productivity and to reduce operational cost

Equipping data-driven Building Management Systems

EnergyBots smart building automation systems are a collection of data platforms, applications, core building management systems, smart edge devices, and ecosystem partners. We develop smart building solutions to digitally transform your buildings and make them sustainable. An interconnected network of building management and analytics tools allows for continuous collection and analysis of data from a wide variety of linked devices and sensors. These include:
EnergyBots IoT based devices for energy monitoring
  • Indoor air quality sensors
  • HVAC controls
  • Lighting controls
  • Occupancy sensors
  • Water, gas, and power smart meters
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Industrial IoT(IIoT) solutions are crucial to connected ecosystems or environments, such as smart cities, smart buildings and smart factories.

Asset intensive organisations, in verticals such as supply chain, real estate, logistics, manufacturing, energy, agriculture, and utilities, require multi-location connected devices and deliver value across a variety of use cases, including proactive monitoring, predictive maintenance and process optimization. EnergyBots is involved in successful implementations of IIoT platforms across such industries to eliminate the operational glitches and operational bottlenecks, saving costs, energy, and time.

Smart Manufacturing Solutions

Smart manufacturing defines an environment in which IIoT solutions influence decision-making. In a smart manufacturing environment, physical and digital devices are connected and communicate with one another to improve productivity. IoT-enabled manufacturing provides full visibility of assets, processes, resources, and products. This, in turn, supports streamlined business operations, optimised productivity and improved ROI. Connectivity allows a manufacturer to not only improve and automate production but expand their offerings with services that connect directly with customers.

IoT Energy Management Solutions

IIoT Energy Management Solutions collect and streamline energy consumption information, providing meaningful & actionable insights. The first step to save energy is to measure, identify and eliminate the wastage of electricity. IoT technology deployed in residential complexes, commercial buildings, and industries, enables monitoring of energy use and initiate changes to reduce their energy demand while improving efficiency. Organizations can deploy IoT sensors throughout a building or factory, for their data centres to receive and analyse real-time data on energy consumption. IoT enables organizations to individually monitor devices, such as machinery, air conditioning systems, water heating systems, large refrigerating units, or lighting systems. The sensor-based devices transmit real time data to the cloud, which are relayed to the data centres for live action. The data is collected centrally over time to analyze historic trends.

Smart Building Solutions

IoT in smart buildings have extended beyond lighting and HVAC. Deployment of AI and IoT-powered algorithms in a smart building is changing the realty landscape. EnergyBots delivers smart building solutions to cater to surveillance of access points, security of buildings, energy management, garden management, lighting management, and climate control systems. It includes surveillance and security to oversee your resource locations and process materials. In modern smart buildings, security, and energy management, along with air-conditioning management is all automated. It also saves energy based on LED and light points, Wi-Fi, and Internet usage across the buildings. It can reduce energy waste, enforce predictive maintenance, boost work efficiency, track activities, and build safety and health against environmental changes.

Logistics and Supply-chain Solutions

In the supply chain vertical, Industrial IoT(IIoT) solutions facilitate remote identification of equipment failures and provides granular data on the devices’ functioning with predictive maintenance alerts. By using IIoT sensors on a freight vehicle, you can accumulate lots of data for analytics. You can receive maintenance alerts, vehicle’s GPS location, speed of vehicle, best route for the vehicle, and assess its performance too. Similarly, IoT-based devices used on cargo with environment-sensitive goods like drugs or food can notify managers when the temperature, humidity, or light intensity exceeds permissible thresholds. It helps in reducing wastage and ensuring product quality. With properly configured software and IoT sensors placed at retail stores, which are the endpoints of any supply chain, you can gather valuable insights about the sales and popularity of different products. This data can be used to efficiently forecast demand and drive profits. On the other side of the chain, we have the supply vendors. A smart supply chain solution can instantly detect delays in the shipment of products and alert procurement to increase orders. This way, you can pre-emptively react to stock shortages.

eBots App

Omni-channel eBots app for real time data analytics

A building management system without data analytics, leaves you with an unmanageable volume of data, making the system ineffective. With eBots, our cloud-based data analytics platform, designed to automate building management system, data can be effectively organized, mined, prioritized, and utilized.

All EnergyBots products are accompanied by a cloud-based app, named eBots, that helps in monitoring and analyzing of energy consumption and connected devices across your operations. eBots is the data analytics platform of our IoT-based products, which collects real time energy data from the sensor-based devices and analyzes them to prompt quality improvements and implement predictive maintenance for enhanced productivity and savings.

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