Adopt EnergyBots Smart Farming Solutions for real-time farm management
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Monitor crops, fields, assets using IoT-based sensors and actuators
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Multi-layered integration with IoT-based agriculture devices
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About The Solution

Smart Farming Solutions

Leveraging IoT For Energy Efficiency & Environmental Sustainability

Smart agriculture is about using smart IoT-based solutions like automated machines, sensors, actuators, drones, and security cameras to control and operate agricultural lands and cattle. With the help of crop sensors, farmers can monitor the field conditions from anywhere, and the soil sensors track the moisture level and automatically trigger the irrigation system. Cloud and IoT platforms play an important role in smart agriculture systems. Sensors are the main source of data collection. These sensors are embedded in devices, to transmit the device data, which then undergoes predictive analysis for the cloud to generate necessary action on the basis of the received data. EnergyBots delivers smart farming technology to enhance the quality and quantity of agricultural produce to reduce cost & energy usage while automating labor intensive farming processes. Our IoT-based solutions ensure optimum application of resources to achieve high crop yields and reduce operational costs.
Understanding The Challenges

Why Smart Farming Solutions?

Smart agriculture is gaining immense popularity in recent times, majorly due to lack of human workforce for labour intensive jobs, rapid environmental changes like extreme weather, soil deterioration and lack of land hydration, depletion of natural sources of energy, and availability of automated systems. The unstable situations are pushing agriculture businesses into launching smart farming systems, for higher efficiency and environmental sustainability. Here are some reasons why smart farming solutions should be considered:
EnergyBots smart farming solutions comprise of sensors, IoT-based devices, wireless connectivity, software, and IT services. We have enabled farmers to reduce waste and enhance productivity with the help of sensors in agriculture (light, humidity, temperature, soil moisture, climate), automate irrigation systems, track livestock, and manage energy consumption.

Smart Farming Solutions – the driving force to increase agricultural production

The EnergyBots smart farming solution unleashes the power of IoT to give an effective system of farming and monitoring agriculture-based activities in a sustainable way. Our solution connects devices and IoT-technology together to give agriculture a smart process driven automation.
Smart farming technology implies to the use of IoT-based products and solutions to automate and streamline agricultural processes. It eliminates the need of physical labour and enhances the farm productivity. With the use of EnergyBots smart farming solutions, agriculturists can monitor the farmland with the help of soil sensors, and manage temperature, light, humidity, soil moisture, etc. from anywhere. 

Here are some benefits of smart farming technology:


Smart Energy Monitoring Products

EnergyBots offers a large portfolio of specialty IoT based sensors, smart meters, actuators, and products that enable real time energy monitoring, improve productivity, predict future energy trends, and cut costs across the organization. Your reduced energy bills shall bear testimony to the fact that our products make you energy efficient!
EnergyBots IoT based devices for energy monitoring
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IoT based Solutions in Agriculture

The smart farming systems use automated tools and robotics such that the farmer can operate his farm even remotely. IoT integrates and connects the entire farm to improve quality and quantity of crops while providing real time data of livestock and assets. IoT-based smart farming enables efficient use of water, optimization of inputs, safety of crops, tracking of livestock, management of energy, and many more. EnergyBots offers smart farming solutions for smart agricultural practices:

We offer smart energy solutions for sustainable energy practices:

Smart Water Solutions

EnergyBots smart water solutions help to remotely monitor the level of the water tank and configure the alerts when the specific level has been reached. This helps farmers in efficient usage of water for farming purposes. Automated irrigation systems enabled by our smart water solutions, checks the moisture level in soil, and waters the crops, accordingly, thus helping farmers significantly reduce water consumption and making agriculture more sustainable.

Smart Energy Solutions

EnergyBots energy management solutions take complete control of your energy data at a fundamental & granular level while reducing your energy costs. Our smart energy systems help organizations reduce energy consumption, adhere to operational compliance, and facilitate remote asset management. With our IoT-based smart energy solutions, you can connect your assets and integrate them into your existing infrastructure to improve efficiency and operations. IoT-based smart energy management systems enable many sustainability practices, such as convenient access to real-time usage information, remote monitoring, and maintenance across deployments. These practices help you make smarter decisions about energy utilization, energy conservation and cutting costs.

Smart Logistics and Tracking Solutions

EnergyBots enables tracking of sensor based machines and vehicles that work on GPS technology. Remotely controllable tractors and heavy plowing equipment can be run automatically from the comfort of home through GPS. These integrated automatic machines are highly accurate and self-adjustable to differences in terrains, simplifying labor-intensive tasks. Their movements as well as work progress can be easily checked on smartphones.

Smart Climate Control Solutions

Climate plays a very critical role in farming. Improper knowledge about climate heavily deteriorates the quantity and quality of the crop production. However, IoT solutions enable you to get real-time weather conditions. To deploy the EnergyBots climate control system, soil moisture sensors are placed across agricultural fields. They collect data from the environment, which can be used to select the right crops that can grow and sustain in the climatic conditions. The whole IoT ecosystem is made up of sensors that can detect real-time weather conditions like humidity, rainfall, temperature and more very accurately. The smart climate control system then triggers the automated irrigation system, to maintain the moisture level for the crops. IoT connected coolers and heaters in storage and transportation facilities create better preserving conditions for the product and help reduce waste.

eBots App

Multi-channel app for real time monitoring & management

All EnergyBots products are accompanied by a cloud-based app, named eBots, that helps in monitoring and analyzing of energy consumption and connected devices across your operations. eBots is the data analytics platform of our IoT-based products, which collects real time energy data from the sensor-based devices and analyzes them to prompt quality improvements and implement predictive maintenance for enhanced productivity and savings.

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