Our solution covers wide spectrum of market segments from individual home owner, small & large business offices, Buildings, Malls, Manufacturing plants to streets and cities.

Measuring the consumption of energy in manufacturing units with EnergyBots
Measuring the consumption of energy in manufacturing units, becomes prime objective due to the huge expenditure it poses. Our solution is applicable to units that produce their own energy or draws energy from grid.
EnergyBots lighting sensor deployed on streetlights
Streetlights are vital part of urban living, providing citizens with safety and security. Our lighting sensor can be deployed on each streetlight, with a functionality that will dim to zero on bright light and glow in full as the sunlight fades away.
Measuring the consumption of energy in buildings with EnergyBots
Organizations with a mandate to “Go Green” are target driven to reduce their energy consumption leading to reducing carbon footprint. Our products and solutions are applicable and cover organizations and offices of all sizes.
Measuring the consumption of energy in home with EnergyBots
Our vision of smart home starts with embedding digital intelligence and enabling devices and appliances, lights & fans, water dispensation points and gas connections share consumption data using our sensors, smart plugs, extension board and switches, that will provide detailed information to home owner about their existing consumption patterns assisted by real-time data.
Carbon Footprint
Your carbon footprint is a measurement of how much CO2 you produce each year.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint:-

  • By Managing your energy consumption better
  • Reducing unwanted use of energy (electricity, water, gas)
  • Remotely Turn things off when not in use