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About The Solution

Smart Metering Solutions

for future ready structures

With the introduction of IoT and IoT platforms into electrical smart grid infrastructure, traditional meters give way to multi-purpose smart metering solutions that monitor resource consumption, such as energy, water, gas, etc., through IoT smart meters connected to the Internet via IoT technology. Compared to the traditional metering systems, smart metering solutions use advanced metering infrastructure devices (AMI meters and AMR meters).


EnergyBots develops a wide range of IoT smart energy meters that offer a broader range of remote monitoring and alerting capabilities, along with powerful data analytics tools to enable optimization of energy consumption. Our smart electricity meters enable you to receive real time energy usage data and eliminate wasteful routines or get rid of inefficient appliances.


The EnergyBots smart energy meters are typically used for accurate energy accounting and billing, along with many other real-life use cases, like optimization and elimination of wasteful practices on factory floors, spot water leaks or reduced gas pressure, encouraging efficient fuel consumption, or to provide security against energy pilfering.

Smart metering solutions dashboard
Understanding The Challenges

Why Smart Metering Solutions?

You can manage only if you can measure. Conservation can happen only with proper information. EnergyBots understands the need for efficient, reliable, and secure, smart metering solutions. Integrating all the IoT modules to implement smart energy meters is challenging. However, the lack of a sustainable energy monitoring platform, gives us the impetus to deliver the smart metering solutions for accountable energy handling. Here are some reasons why smart metering solutions should be considered:
You can overcome these challenges by using the EnergyBots IoT-based smart metering products that offer out-of-the-box solutions.

Intelligent smart energy meters for efficient energy monitoring

One of the most important benefits of smart metering solutions is a positive impact on the environment. EnergyBots brings advanced modern technologies including big data analytics, IoT smart electricity meters, and AI to make energy conservation and sustainability, a reality. 

Here are some benefits of smart metering solutions:

In the modern era, where dependency on IoT platforms, smart meters is increasing by the day, smart metering solutions are filling the transparency gap. A smart meter communicates in both directions. The smart meter transmits information to the utility, and the utility can send information to the meter, without any human intervention.
Watching graphical dashboard of electrical consumption

IoT Smart Meters and EnergyBots products

The Smart Electric Meter is considered as one of the most mature and widely adopted applications of IoT technology. Smart electric meters, collect consumption data and periodically send it to a central server for processing. The smart metering system that runs on the server handles all the data and provides authorization for connected smart meters, collection and storage of their data, device management, software management, alerts, and other functions. This data is relayed to the custom-tailored data visualization dashboard, which is reflected in the analytics module and enables monitoring of trends, creation of rule-based alerts, generation of comparative reports, etc.
EnergyBots IoT based devices for energy monitoring
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Smart Metering Solutions for energy efficiency

The smart farms use automated tools and robotics such that the farmer can operate his farm even remotely. IoT integrates and connects the entire farm to improve quality and quantity of crops while providing real time data of livestock and assets. IoT-based smart farming enables efficient use of water, optimization of inputs, safety of crops, tracking of livestock, management of energy, and many more. EnergyBots offers smart farming solutions for smart agricultural practices:

We offer smart energy solutions for sustainable energy practices:

Smart water solutions

Water-stressed countries are leading the shift from traditional water meters to smart water meters, even as governments all over the world alter policies to enhance the effectiveness of their water networks and manage consumption levels. Various methods like keeping track of water consumption, not wasting water and detecting the overconsumption of water have been practiced a lot to reduce the water consumption around the cities. Fortunately, Smart Water Meters have been providing the perfect solution for water distributors and consumers to meet the volatile demand for water.

Smart Energy Management Systems & Solutions

EnergyBots energy management solutions take complete control of your energy data at a fundamental & granular level while reducing your energy costs. Our smart energy systems help organizations reduce energy consumption, adhere to operational compliance, and facilitate remote asset management. With our IoT-based smart energy solutions, you can connect your assets and integrate them into your existing infrastructure to improve efficiency and operations. IoT-based smart energy management systems enable many sustainability practices, such as convenient access to real-time usage information, remote monitoring, and maintenance across deployments. These practices help you make smarter decisions about energy utilization, energy conservation and cutting costs.

Smart Visitor Management Systems & Solutions

IoT in smart buildings have extended beyond lighting and HVAC. Deployment of AI and IoT-powered algorithms in a smart building is changing the realty landscape. EnergyBots delivers smart building solutions to cater to surveillance of access points, security of buildings, energy management, garden management, lighting management, and climate control systems. It includes surveillance and security to oversee your resource locations and process materials. In modern smart buildings, security, and energy management, along with air-conditioning management is all automated. It also saves energy based on LED and light points, Wi-Fi, and Internet usage across the buildings. It can reduce energy waste, enforce predictive maintenance, boost work efficiency, track activities, and build safety and health against environmental changes.

Industrial IoT Solutions

Industrial Internet of Things is the convergence of IoT technology and business solutions to enable organizations improve operational efficiency. The EnergyBots Industrial IoT solutions are an integration of hardware, software, data aggregation, advanced predictive and prescriptive analysis, decision making, and reporting. We harness the power of IoT to make industries smarter with real-time data and analytics. Our smart meters and sensors efficiently automate and streamline processes. Sensor driven smart machines capture and analyze data in real-time, and then communicate their accumulated data, for accurate business decisions. Existing industries can adapt to an IoT ecosystem for process improvements, better management, cost effectiveness and overall efficiency. Future industries can utilize the power of IoT infrastructure for product optimization by analyzing big data from thousands of tiny sensors. Industrial IoT is fast growing technology with limitless possibilities for future industries and manufacturing units.

eBots App

Multi-channel app for real time monitoring and analytics

All EnergyBots products are accompanied by a cloud-based app, named eBots, that helps in monitoring and analyzing of energy consumption and connected devices across your operations. eBots is the data analytics platform of our IoT-based products, which collects real time energy data from the sensor-based devices and analyzes them to prompt quality improvements and implement predictive maintenance for enhanced productivity and savings.

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