Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Energy Bots?
EnergyBots is in the business of making smart IoT devices, helping Organizations, industries, household to know and manage their energy consumption.
What are their features?
  • Comes with a eBots mobile & web app
  • Wifi enabled
  • Remotely on/off
  • Monitor your energy consumption
  • Define multiple schedules
  • Online notification
  • Define usage threshold
  • Works for Large offices, industries, households
All the devices are Wifi or GSM based?
  • Currently, our devices are all Wifi Based
  • Our GSM products would be launched 1st of July
Can appliance be on or off using your devices?
Yes user can turn off and switch on the devices remotely using our mobile app.
Monitoring for individual devices available?
Yes user can monitor energy consumption of individual devices/equipment
How points can be monitored and controlled using e switch?
  • Our eSwtich 6a comes in 1 to 7 switch port configurations
  • User can monitor consumption of each switch port
  • User can control (remotely on/off) individual port
  • We have a configuration wherein eSwitches come with motion sensor, helping control and reduce energy consumption
What is the price of the devices?
Prices range for each product and can cost from Rs. 2000 to Rs 15,000 per IoT device.
What all places can we buy your products?
You can buy it through our online store, Amazon store by end of month, Our distributor network
Is application free of cost?
Yes, we are offering App free of cost
Is monitoring available over web app also?
Yes, you can monitor using our Webapp, that can be accessed from our website
How will the smart device conserve energy?
Our Smart IoT devices, combined with our eBots app, help customers
  • Track their energy consumption
  • Remotely switch on/off devices
  • Some of our products come with motion sensor, helping customer save energy when not in use
  • Our eBots app has option to setup Threshold limits, that can be used as a measure to conserve energy>/li>
Do you have any solution for Industrial purpose?
Yes, we have our industrial power IoT device that is attached to Industrial meter and will transmit consumption data to our server and user can see the consumption trend using our eBots App.
Do you have solution for fuel tanks in vehicles and generators?
Yes, our Fuel sensor product is slated to release July 1, currently it is going through Testing process.
Do you have smart plug for 3 phase machines and appliances?
Yes, our 3 Phase plug product is slated to release July 1, currently it is going through Testing process.
Do you have a solution for agriculture and irrigation?
Yes, we have solution for
  • Drip Irrigation
  • Water consumption
Can we integrate your devices with our application?
No, currently we are not offering this service.