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About The Solution

Smart Energy Solution

Leveraging IoT For Energy Efficiency & Environmental Sustainability

EnergyBots develops IoT-based energy products, smart energy solutions, and connectivity platforms, powered by breakthrough IoT sensors and telemetry facilities to offer greater sustainability to the power sector in terms of consumption pattern monitoring, operational optimization, and asset performance management. We deliver IoT-enabled smart energy solutions to connect sustainable energy assets, integrate them into IT infrastructure for improved energy efficiency and sustainability.

Smart energy management systems are digital automation platforms that collect energy measurement data from the field and make it available to users through real time monitoring tools and apps. It helps organisations with real time proactive monitoring and management of energy.

Our IoT products, and connectivity tools efficiently manage your energy usage, regardless of scale or stage. From electricity meters to power grid infrastructures and smart water monitoring systems, IoT-enabled smart energy solutions from EnergyBots facilitate real-time remote energy metering and monitoring, streamlined device management, predictive fault management, and proactive analytics.

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Understanding The Challenges

Why Smart Energy Management Systems?

Optimal and sustainable utilization of energy is crucial for all enterprises. Increasing cost and demand of energy has led many organizations to find smart ways for monitoring, controlling, and saving energy. Some of the propelling factors that have led many organizations to identify efficient ways to manage energy resources include:
Rise in graph energy bills/cost
Need of more energy result in increase in energy demand
Energy management system for unorganized energy markets
Energy management system for legal and proper use of energy
Energy management system for better energy device handling
Energy management to resolve insufficient operations
Monitoring energy usage across your whole organization is a daunting task and often ends up in silos of data. This gives you enough reasons to adopt an intelligent energy management system that can contribute towards cutting the costs, improving efficiency, and meeting your energy demands.

Empowering Energy Efficiency With IoT-based Smart Energy Systems

EnergyBots energy management solutions take complete control of your energy data at a fundamental & granular level while enhancing your operational efficiency, enabling reduction in energy consumption, and facilitating remote asset management.

With our IoT-based smart energy solutions, you can connect your assets and integrate them into your existing infrastructure IoT-based smart energy management systems enable many sustainability practices, such as convenient access to real-time usage information, remote monitoring, and maintenance across deployments. These practices help you make smarter decisions about energy utilization, energy conservation and cutting costs.

EnergyBots energy management solutions come with the following features:

Monitoring electric consumption

Smart Energy Monitoring Products

EnergyBots offers a large portfolio of specialty IoT based sensors, smart meters, actuators, and products that enable real time energy monitoring, improve productivity, predict future energy trends, and cut costs across the organization. Your reduced energy bills shall bear testimony to the fact that our products make you energy efficient!
EnergyBots IoT based devices for energy monitoring
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IoT Based Smart Energy Systems - Making lives easy

By offering energy conservation opportunities, EnergyBots improves energy utilization and reduces wastage, which includes planning and management of energy consumption patterns in industries and commercial areas. It uses the sensors, located on-site to gather data for every utility (electricity, heat, water, gas) and provide a complete picture of energy consumption.

We offer smart energy solutions for sustainable energy practices:

Smart water management solutions

Smart Water Monitoring Systems, are based on a combination of sensors, big data, and AI technologies, enabling measurement, monitoring and control of water distribution networks, check quality of water distributed, reduce water wastage and consumption, and a better management of the water resources. Smart water monitoring systems are made up of sensors, smart meters, data processing software, actuators and web and mobile controls connecting people with water systems. IoT based smart water monitoring systems are being used in agriculture, farming, manufacturing industries, civic services, smart cities, and homes. Monitoring water consumption in houses, checking water levels, ensuring the quality of drinking water, detecting chemical leakages in rivers around plants, automated watering of crops, maintaining soil moisture level, are a few examples of the many useful applications.

Smart Solar Energy Solutions

Solar energy management solutions utilize IoT-enabled sensors to collect and manage data from solar farms, monitor the status of equipment, and optimize the collection and distribution of energy. IoT applications in solar energy sector include smart sensors that are linked to the production, transmission, and distribution devices. These instruments allows you to remotely track and manage the operation of solar energy solutions in real time. It minimizes the operational expenses and reduces our reliance on fossil fuels. Since IoT provides real-time data, it is being leveraged to make better use of variable energy sources such as solar. Both power plants and home/office-based solar power generation systems can reduce operating costs, improve power output, and enhance safety by using IoT-enabled automated controls.

Smart Metering Solutions

Smart metering solution is the monitoring of energy resource consumption, such as electricity, water, gas, etc., through IoT-based smart metering devices. It is the technique of digitizing the energy system using smart meters to track energy usage, consumption, and delivery. The smart energy meter controls and calculates the energy consumption using a Wi-Fi module and uploads it to the cloud, which in turn relays it to the eBots app, from where the user can view the reading. Therefore, energy analyzation becomes much easier and controllable. Smart metering solution is typically used for accurate energy accounting and billing, but it can be also used for many other real-life use cases, such as, to optimize and eliminate wasteful practices on factory floors, spot water leaks or reduced gas pressure, encourage efficient fuel consumption, or prevent theft. This system also helps in detecting power theft.

Smart Lighting Solutions

Smart lighting solutions are powered by IoT-enabled sensors, bulbs, or adapters to enable users to manage their premises lighting through their smartphone. Such solutions can be controlled through an external device smart device, like smart phones or smart assistants, which are set to operate on a schedule, or get triggered by sound or motion. At its core, a smart lighting system is a flexible lighting system that can improve visual comfort, as well energy efficiency.
Smart lighting systems can automatically detect premises occupancy, based on other devices, like an IoT-enabled thermostat or security system, or according to schedules set by the user, and set the lighting systems accordingly.
These systems include digital sensors, communication interfaces, and actuators drivers. These lighting systems are programmed using advanced control algorithms and can be organized into lighting networks to operate remotely. You can use smart lighting solutions for setting schedules to ensure that lights are switched off when not required, or control lighting schedules remotely.

eBots App

Real Time Energy Monitoring & Management on the go

All EnergyBots products are accompanied by a cloud-based app, named eBots, that helps in monitoring and analyzing of energy consumption and connected devices across your operations. eBots is the data analytics platform of our IoT-based products, which collects real time energy data from the sensor-based devices and analyzes them to prompt quality improvements and implement predictive maintenance for enhanced productivity and savings.

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