IoT Controller for 3 Phase Industrial Water Pumps

EnergyBots has developed innovative smart devices embedded with digital intelligence that helps industries, farm owners and Offices to monitor and manage Water Pumps.

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IoT Controller for 3 Phase Industrial Water Pumps

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Product Features

  • Remote controlling of the pump using the mobile app, web application and *SMS
  • Get Notifications and *SMSalerts when the motor status changes
  • Get notified in case of electricity outage via *SMS
  • Battery powered module keeps you updated even during long electricity outages
  • Setup scheduler for switching the pump ON/OFF
  • The module operates over WiFi / GSM
  • Power surge protection
  • Protection for dry run
  • Easy to install
  • Switch ON/OFF the pump remotely (Includes Contactor to remotely Switch on/off Pump)
  • In-built battery and charging facility
Connectivity Protocol

GSM, Wifi, Ethernet

3 Phase Meter

With 3 Phase Meter, Without Meter


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