About us

At EnergyBots, we all come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problem our Earth is facing. Everyone is worried, but no one is doing anything substantial to create a healthy environment for our children.Everyone is consuming the natural resources, without knowing what is the required consumption, its impact on the environment, its impact on future generations and why they are spending so much.

Our mission

Our mission at EnergyBots is to make the information on energy consumption available and transparent. Today we provide the most actionable data & insights using our products and mobile app (eBots). We want to make this data available to as many individuals and organizations as possible.


Our products have one common goal, to ensure conservation of key energy sources – Electricity, Water and Gas. Our connected device will make homes, Streets, Factories, Office buildings and Malls smart and with real-time data on finger tips reduce unwanted energy consumption.

About eBots

Synchronizing your home/office devices and managing them from your smartphone has never been so easy

  • Energy efficiency indicators
  • Remote on/off
  • Excess Energy Consumption Alert
  • Connected devices indicators
  • Customizable App to map your home and appliances
Sensor and smart devices
Green home
Installation of devices
Customizable App to map your home and appliances
EnergyBots products and solutions using IoT

EnergyBots products and solutions using IoT ensures

  • Customers are equipped with real time information about their energy consumption (Electricity, Water and Gas).
  • Remotely control and monitor energy consumption
  • Define and setup energy usage threshold at equipment/appliance level
  • Energy saving tips provided via eBots mobile app with robust Carbon Emission Calculator
  • Individuals and organizations are made aware of their Carbon footprint
  • Carbon saving credits provided to encourage energy conservation
  • Carbon credits can be used to avail discounts at our product stores
  • Tie-ups with few NGO’s enables our customers to use these Carbon credits towards plantation drives to help build a healthier environment for future generations.