About Us

IoT-based solutions and implementations are based on three aspects… device management, connectivity management, and application enablement capabilities. EnergyBots combines all these functionalities with the most advanced cloud based software capabilities. Our solutions are completely data-centric IoT platforms with pre-built device drivers, connectivity management tools, application connectors and more. EnergyBots is innovating efficient solutions to make your enterprise future ready!

IoT based Solutions to monitor energy consumption
Monitor your energy consuption to save energy


“Harness the power of Internet of Things (IoT) to empower enterprises with sustainable products and solutions to be future ready.” We believe data should be instant, effortless, accurate, informative, and useful. EnergyBots… innovating smart IoT solutions for Industry 4.0 enterprises!

IoT solutions and IoT based products to empower enterprises


EnergyBots is dedicated to environmental sustainability… it also develops IoT solutions! We have developed IoT-based products and integrated them with our versatile data analytics, eBots app, for effective energy and cost management. Little efforts can bring about a big difference!

EnergyBots IoT solutions and IoT based products to conserve energy

About eBots

Intelligent Energy Monitoring Assistant

Our IoT based monitoring device, combined with the power of cloud computing provides you with simple, proactive & actionable insights in real-time. eBots is a versatile and powerful app that integrates with devices to give you total flexibility in how you receive and send data, and how the solution responds to your data based on events and changing conditions throughout your deployment. The scalable, user-friendly data analytics service, available on both desktop and mobile platform, is ideal for fault monitoring, predictive maintenance, and energy monitoring. 

The app can benefit you in several ways…

  • Analyze consumption patterns
  • Detect abnormality in consumption
  • Optimize energy consumption
  • Get real-time energy insights
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Boost facility performance
  • Guaranteed Return of Investments
  • Predict future energy needs
  • Identify non-essential equipment operations
  • Reduce energy consumption

IoT Based Solutions

An IoT Solution is a seamlessly integrated bundle of technologies, including sensors that enterprises can purchase to solve a problem and create new organizational value. Application of IoT based solutions helps you with business analytics and predictive maintenance of your devices to lower costs, boost efficiencies and reduce environmental impact.
EnergyBots IoT solutions are designed to collect and analyze operational data, and optimize processes thereby improving utilization, reducing costs, predicting maintenance needs, and increasing the reliability of assets. This in turn, ensures well managed and controlled operations to deliver the most efficient level of productivity. EnergyBots IoT based solutions ensure:

  • Energy Consumption Data and Metering
  • Energy Quality Monitoring
  • Demand Monitoring & Control
  • Fault Management
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Smart Reporting
  • Device Management
  • Wireless Energy Management