Sensor and smart devices to save and monitor the energy consumption

Concept statement

  • Reducing energy consumption is one of the biggest challenges we face today given the fast pace depletion of our energy resources.
  • Energy demand reduction will lead to reducing Carbon footprint.
  • Rising energy prices and accessing affordable energy are growing concerns for individuals and businesses.
  • Consumers need relevant knowledge and information on how they can reduce energy consumption.
  • Right, Real-time information will lead to reduction in energy consumption and carbon footprint.


Energy Consumption monitoring app

Reduce Carbon Footprint – Being informed is Key

Human driven activities contribute a great deal to greenhouse gas emissions. Your carbon footprint — or your impact on the environment — measures the greenhouse gases that you are responsible for creating. Common activities like using electricity and driving a car emit those gases.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint:-

  • Reducing unwanted use of energy (electricity, water, gas)
  • Remotely Turn things off when not in use
  • Lower the amount of water used to pump, treat, and heat water by washing your car less often
  • Embed Digital intelligence to get information on energy consumption
Reduce your carbon footprint with our smart devices