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We are passionate about protecting our planet! In our pursuit of global environmental sustainability, we integrate IoT based solutions with our cloud based data platform to provide smart real-time solutions for a greener tomorrow. EnergyBots solutions address real time energy monitoring and predictive maintenance challenges for electricity, gas, water, solar power. With a wide range of industry applications, our integrated real-time IoT solutions enable you to make more informed business decisions for greater operational efficiency and energy conservation for future generations.

Sensor and smart devices to save and monitor the energy consumption
Reduce your carbon footprint with our Energy Monitoring system

Reduce carbon footprints… Energy monitoring for conservation of energy!

IOT based solutions to make industries future ready

Transition to next-generation IoT solutions without custom coding… Prepare enterprises to be future ready!

Real time energy monitoring for predictive maintenance

Empower consumers to be informed… Products to enable real time monitoring and predictive maintenance from anywhere!

Touchless solutions to enable face recognition

Touchless Solutions…. Call of the times to reduce person to person contact!

Data security and high level protection

High level data security… Protection from internal and external data thefts and natural calamities

EnergyBots Solutions

Industry 4.0 is here to transform the way we do business! EnergyBots is fostering businesses to adopt Industry 4.0 strategies and be future smart! We integrate machine-to-machine communication and the Internet of Things (IoT) for increased automation, improved communication, real time monitoring and predictive maintenance. Our IoT-based smart sensor solutions and cloud based server solutions are recognized for data-driven digital service delivery capability, to make you future ready!

EnergyBots Products

We have extensively researched on technologies to come up with the best IoT based products in the industry. EnergyBots products comprise of IoT-based smart energy meters and smart sensors, in conjunction with the eBots app – our cloud based data analytics platform. We offer a large portfolio of specialty IoT based smart meters and products to enable real time energy monitoring, improve productivity, predict future energy trends, and cut costs across the organization. Your reduced energy bills shall bear testimony to the fact that our products make you energy efficient!

eBots App

Intelligent Energy Monitoring Assistant

eBots is the data analytics platform for our IoT solutions. It collects real-time data for you to drive quality improvements and implement predictive maintenance for enhanced productivity. This comprehensive IoT platform for collecting, managing and analyzing critical device data is available as a subscription-based service or as an on-premise installation. Our smart real-time data-centric app enables you to keep track of the devices being used, real time energy monitoring, and analyze your deployment related data… all on a single platform.

Real time energy monitoring system to increase energy conservation

Energy efficiency indicators

Real time energy monitoring system to manage resources and increase energy conservation

Remote operation of appliances

IoT based smart meters enable you to set threshold limits and remotely operate devices and appliances

Predictive maintenance alerts

Monitor and maintain devices from your smartphone via web access.

Connected Device indicators

IoT based smart energy meters relay real time data about connected devices on one platform.

Reports and Analysis

Daily and Monthly energy consumption and operational reports on your smartphones via app and email

High levels of scalability

Conveniently ingests data and can work with large data sets in production, without exorbitant hardware or cloud services costs.

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