Manage premise entry and exit using IoT-enabled touchless solutions from EnergyBots
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Optimize all internal living spaces and common areas with IoT-backed smart building solutions from EnergyBots
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Touchless time and attendance records for the remote workforce
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About The Solution

Touchles Solutions

for business enterprises

To meet health and safety requirements besides convenience, organizations around the world are introducing touchless technologies into their business journeys and our lives. Leveraging the potential of artificial intelligence, cloud connectivity, facial recognition software, biometric technology and IoT, the introduction of new touchless technologies can greatly enhance the user experience.

Touchless technologies enable you to perform an action or complete transactions with systems without physically touching it. Touchless transactions can be conducted through no touch interactions such as gesture control; face biometric, Bluetooth connectivity, or voice recognition. Touchless solutions facilitate people to move without touching buttons or common indoor facilities using face recognition system or smartphones. You can also use face recognition system to log attendance and monitor visitors in your premises.

Real-time facial recognition solutions are mainly found on sites that require a high-level of security. Data generated by facial recognition software can be used for more than just opening a door or gate. Besides time management and face recognition attendance system, one can identify who to evacuate in the case of an emergency or regulate the premises climate based on occupancy. It not only makes attendance and visitor monitoring easier by giving higher priority to important health and safety precautions, but it also guarantees uninterrupted service to customers and improves the efficiency of administrative tools.

Touchless face recognition system
Understanding The Challenges

Why Touchless Solutions?

Since the pandemic created havoc in our lives, the world order has changed, looking for solutions to reduce the touchpoints and physical contacts. Earlier people used to touch elevator buttons, door handles, and check-in kiosks without giving it a second thought. However, as health concerns and safety are a priority, touchless solutions are spearheading into homes, organisations and communities. Touchless technology tops the list of new measures and practices to support the organisation’s workforce and customer base.

Touchless solutions are also making building management easy. Visitor monitoring is a tough job. One miss and the entire premise and system runs a risk. Automated visitor monitoring simplifies this difficult task by running facial recognition software to identify and locate each visitor entering and exiting a premise. Not only visitors, albeit employees too come under the scanner and record their presence through face recognition attendance system, in touchless mode to avert any miss and manual recording.

EnergyBots offers touchless access control to everyone in a building, all while making the building smarter. We use touchless technology to replace, or upgrade, entrances that may unnecessarily rely on, person-to-person or person-device contact and restrict user building journeys.


Touch free movement and access control

One of the major advantages of touchless solutions is not having to wait at the point of entry. The facila recognition software registers a person’s face as they approach and can determine whether to allow access at the time needed to arrive at the gate. EnergyBots facilitates a touchless entrance and exit. Touchless solutions keep users safe and improve the way humans interact with machines in the industrial and manufacturing environments. Existing hardware and software can be leveraged to build cost-effective gesture-based controls, which are responsive and reliable, enabling a new era of touchless user interfaces that will help industry to continue in the new normal.

The benefits of integrating touchless solutions in a building are, but not limited to:

touchless solutions face scanner for security

EnergyBots Products

Touchless technology has the potential to become an integrated solution that improves the experience of both employees and visitors when combined with other technologies such as artificial intelligence, biometric technology, the Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud connectivity.
 The touchless technology enables your computer systems to take commands via voice, user behaviour, facial patterns, or physical movement (e.g., hand gestures). These signals are processed and interpreted by the system in accordance with the algorithms that have been programmed, and then the system takes the action that the user specifies.
The human-machine interfaces that are standard in this field include technologies such as camera-based gestures, proximity-enabled screens, voice recognition, and eye-tracking equipment.

EnergyBots IoT based devices for energy monitoring
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The future without touch

Touchless technology is a rapidly evolving technology with numerous growth opportunities, which is why it is being adopted universally. Your spaces will get automated and modern as you gradually incorporate more touchless technology into your properties, and difference will be noticeable.

Touchless access control is a must-have technology for businesses and commercial properties that prioritize physical security and user convenience. It is making building management smarter with a host of solutions to automate and simplify processes.

We offer smart energy solutions for sustainable energy practices:

Smart Building Management Solutions

EnergyBots offers a range of touchless access control solutions, including cloud-based access control, mobile access control and visitor management that help streamline your physical access control operations. Smart building solutions integrates with the building’s access control system and allows building staff to view a dashboard of upcoming or past visits, schedule recurring visits, and manage a watch list of essential or suspicious people coming in and out of their building.

Visitor Management System and Solutions

Securely check visitors in and out of buildings without needing to physically record it. Visitor management systems improve premises safety in various ways. From sending SMS notifications when visitors arrive to maintaining a cloud-based visitor log, these systems prioritize the health and safety of faculty and occupants. By increasing the efficiency and accuracy of the check-in experience, this touchless technology helps ensure physical security for all.

Touchless Attendance System & Solutions

Among the several solutions that EnergyBots offers, a particularly distinctive one is touchless solution that incorporates face authentication solution for touchless attendance.

Smart Parking Systems & Solutions

A safer parking process especially at the touch points for the customer is essential for all buildings and parking zones. The aim is to reduce the needed touch interactions to zero. In response, we have created touchless solutions that can fulfill these requirements for most installations.
EnergyBots offers smart parking solutions that can be deployed quickly, depending on the current technology base. The solutions provides increased safety with the classic parking process that uses paper tickets, while it also uses camera-based technology that already allows a contactless entry and exit.

eBots App

Real Time Energy Monitoring & Management on the go

A touchless solution system without data analytics, leaves you with an unmanageable volume of data, making the system ineffective. With eBots, our cloud-based data analytics platform, designed to automate building management system, data can be effectively organized, mined, prioritized, and utilised.

All EnergyBots products and solutions are accompanied by a cloud-based data analytics platform, “eBots” that helps in monitoring energy consumption and connected devices across your operations. eBots collects real time utility data from the sensor-based devices and analyzes them to prompt actions, initiate quality improvements and implement predictive maintenance for enhanced productivity and savings.

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