Better Energy Management with AI Chatbot

EnergyBots is changing the way the users access real time energy consumption information. Instead of traditional method of logging into an app, seeking information on a room/area, EnergyBots is providing its users AI based chatbot that uses Machine Learning, complex algorithms and behavioural trends to prompt users of any exceptions, energy consumption, consumption trend analysis, perform pro-active mining and […]

Internet of Things – Anything that can be connected, will be connected

Internet of Things, IoT

IoT – What exactly is the “IoT”? IoT stands for Internet of Things. Does that give you a better understanding of IoT? Most likely not as it is a relatively new term that has been invented by the technology industry and slowly spreading to the business through the use of their technological jargon. Let us explain […]

Green Offices – The Compelling Facts

Measuring the consumption of energy in buildings with EnergyBots

Green building industry will grow by 20 per cent in India in the next three years, mainly on account of environmental regulation and rising demand, The Economic Times stated in their article on February 2016. The new report finds that by 2018, the green building industry in India will grow by 20 per cent driven […]

Save your Energy! You will need it later

Save your Earth by saving the energy

How much electricity do you use at home or in the office? Do you leave your light switches turned on? Or perhaps, the television might be left on when you are not watching it. We all take electricity for granted because it is available 24/7. Why Conserve Energy? If you answered, “To save money!” you […]

Importance of Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation

India is now facing a water situation that is significantly worse than any that previous generations have had to face. All Indian water bodies within and near population centres are now grossly polluted with organic and hazardous pollutants. Interstate disputes over river waters are becoming increasingly intense and widespread. Not a single Indian city can […]

Energy Conservation

Plant a tree and make the environment green

ENERGY CONSERVATION Reducing Carbon Footprints by Conserving Energy “He who plants a tree, plants a hope”. A lot being said about conserving and saving energy, about reducing carbon footprint by not only the elites of the world order, but also general people. Everyone wants to contribute towards a greener environment, wants to do their part […]

Maximize your Energy Savings

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