Better Energy Management with AI Chatbot

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chatbot, architecture, AI, EnergyBots, Deep Learning, Machine learning

EnergyBots is changing the way the users access real time energy consumption information. Instead of traditional method of logging into an app, seeking information on a room/area, EnergyBots is providing its users AI based chatbot that uses Machine Learning, complex algorithms and behavioural trends to prompt users of any exceptions, energy consumption, consumption trend analysis, perform pro-active mining and provide advance alerting.

Our new app vechatbot, architecture, AI, EnergyBots, Deep Learning, Machine learningrsion ebotspro built on our existing Cloud platform, is raising the bar by introducing Artificial intelligence and conversational chatbots. These new features ensure a constant flow of information and keep the customer apprised of the varied consumption matrix. Via our conversational chatbots we offer an “always-on” connection to our customers, eliminating fears of unresponsiveness.

Customers can automate the most repetitive requests by allowing our bot to auto schedule and take over control of such repetitive tasks. Customers still have a choice to switch back to the manual mode and retain control . Our objective is to offer a transparent, direct, solution driven and interactive communication that modern consumers have come to expect. We strongly believe that when customers feel connected, safe and informed, the quality of the relationship is elevated, increasing opportunities of reducing consumption.

Our embedded chatbot (also known as Artificial Conversational Entity) is a complex computer algorithm and logic that adapts to Machine Learning, Data Mining, Queries. It conducts a conversation via voice or textual methods through an instant messaging interface. They can automate human tasks by translating gracefully between unstructured language and structured data.

chatbot, architecture, AI, EnergyBots, Deep Learning, Machine learning

Data Analysis is made easier and more interactive by our chatbot. For eg , the user can simply ask “Compare my energy consumption of last 2 weeks” and our bot picks the key words “Compare”, “Energy”, “Consumption”, “Last”, “2”, “Weeks” , mines the data and brings the results. Additionally, our deep learning watches for patterns and provides users with results pro-actively.


The main objective of EnergyBots is to provide real-time consumption information on the palm of the customer and provide means to reduce energy consumption. Our integrated App, will allow customers to plan and schedule shutdown and switch on/off the equipment using our scheduler, helping the organization to not only preempt problems but also to minimize risk.


Our Products help you achieve the following:

  • Track Equipment level energy consumption by using our IoT Products & eBots App
  • Operates over Wi-Fi and mobile internet of your home/office and away
  • Get hourly, daily, weekly and monthly Equipment Reading/consumption
  • Define your own custom thresholds of equipment/energy usage
  • Notification/Alert on your smart phone when usage goes beyond thresholds defined

EnergyBots is providing a free download of its conversational chatbot app ebotspro along with the purchase of its products. Visit https://Energy-bots.comfor further information on its products and services

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