FloSenso – Smart Water Level Controller

FloSenso is a smart water level controller. It operates the water pump as soon as the water level falls below the threshold and switches off the pump as soon as the tank gets full. FloSenso ensures tank is never empty and never overflows which means no shortage and no wastage of water. For more details visit www.flosenso.com

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FloSenso – Smart Water Level Controller


Product Features

  • Wi-Fi enabled automatic water pump controller
  • Stop tank overflows & pump dry runs
  • Compatible with existing tanks and pumps
  • Functions in AUTO and MANUAL mode
  • In AUTO mode, operates on sensor’s data
  • Also enables MANUAL operations of the pump
  • Manage operations through mobile app (Android and iOS)
  • Remotely switch ON/OFF the pump through app
  • Ultrasonic water level sensor
  • Customize minimum water level threshold
  • Monitor multiple tanks on a single dashboard
  • Current rating – 6 Amps


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