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Save your Earth by saving the energy
How much electricity do you use at home or in the office? Do you leave your light switches turned on? Or perhaps, the television might be left on when you are not watching it. We all take electricity for granted because it is available 24/7. Why Conserve Energy? If you answered, “To save money!” you are not wrong. But conservation means much more than saving money, both at home and in the business world. We can conserve energy in many ways and at the many differently levels of energy consumption. At home, simple actions such as turning off the lights and unplugging computers or turning off televisions can help us reduce our consumption and thereby conserve energy. Installing thermostat technology is another means of saving energy and identifying the gadgets and appliances that are drawing power from the outlets even when not in use Energy conservation is important for all of us. Energy conservation is simply the act of cutting back on energy use by utilizing less of the energy service provided. Energy conservation should not be confused with ‘’efficient energy use, ” which implies using less energy for a continuous service. The demand for electricity has increased significantly over the years and will continue to do so with the increase in living standards. This increase is driven by a number of factors, the most important of which are increasing incomes and economic growth which lead to greater demand for energy services such as lighting, cooking, space cooling, mobility, industrial production, office automation, etc. This growth is also reflective of the current very low level of energy supply in India. The country’s per capita electricity consumption has reached 1010 kilowatt-hour (kWh) in 2014-15, compared with 957 kWh in 2013-14 and 914.41 kWh in 2012-13, according to the Central Electricity Authority (CEA) The Hindu Times recently announced that “55% increase in Bihar power tariff from Apr 1”. Have you been impacted by the power price increase? The chart opposite highlights the increase in power prices over recent years. Here are the new rates that you will be paying in 2017-18 for your electricity. Each and every one of us should be mindful about conserving energy. Energy efficiency – doing more with less energy – benefits everyone. The benefits of energy efficiency are numerous. But the top four reasons that all of us should choose to use energy more efficiently are:   Energy efficiency saves you money. Energy efficiency improves the economy. Energy efficiency is good for the environment. Energy efficiency enhances quality of life. With the recent shift to green living, especially with the introduction of smart homes, smart cities, green offices and people increasingly using alternative sources of energy, it’s easy to understand why society wants to change up to a more earth-conscious world rapidly. While most recognize that saving energy is a path they should be pursuing, not everyone understands its importance. EnergyBots can help you understand your energy consumption at Energy Bots. We have the solutions and products available that will help yEnergy Consumptionou understand where your consumption is occurring. We can help you with reducing your consumption through our tools and products. Our ePlugs and eSwitches are the ideal products that will help you start saving valuable money and conserving energy. Our eBot technology is the latest on the market and will help you understand your electricity consumption and will give you the solutions to reduce energy. Our technology allows you to be able to remotely control when you turn on and off your lights and appliances.   Our solutions empower you to manage:
  • Real time consumption information
  • Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Reduce water inefficiencies
  • Your contribution to help reduce their carbon footprint
Our products enable you to be able to:
  • Provide real time device level energy consumption insights on mobile App, Web app
  • Remotely set on/off feature by click of a button, or scheduler
  • Dimmer feature controlled by app helps dim the lights or reduce the speed of fan
  • Real time data provides insight to consumption allowing customer to manage usage of devices effectively.
Contact our team today to learn more about how you can save money and contribute to the environment.

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