Smart Water Management – Save Water using Automatic Water Pump Controllers

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Water is life. This commonplace phrase is the reality we all must accept. Water is the lifeline of humanity, the most important natural resource on which human existence is dependent on. However, water is also the most thoughtlessly used natural resource on this planet. Everyday water is wasted either un-intentionally or due to negligence. The latest advancements in technology like the Internet of Things (IoT) has opened doors to new inventions that facilitate modifications in present water management systems and help in optimization of water supply and sustainable usage.

In this blog, we discuss the usage of technology to stop the wastage of water at your level and how you can save the drops for future generations.

Unchecked water wastage

According to UN-Water, the number of city inhabitants lacking safely managed drinking water has increased by more than 50% since 2000. Several regions have been termed as dark zones due to depletion of ground water level. With the increasing population, water consumption has been growing globally at more than twice the rate of population increase. Despite all these glaring facts, water wastage remains unchecked by the majority. Let us consider some instances.
In all residential buildings and complexes, the underground or overhead water tanks are filled every day. Many a times, the water pump either overfills the tanks resulting in overflow of water or it operates without any water input. Similarly, numerous institutions like swimming pools, industrial water tanks, agricultural canals, water parks, require storage of water in huge volumes and require refilling.

When you monitor the water level in a tank, you majorly focus on two things. One is overflow of water from tank and second is a shortage of water supply. In the absence of a monitoring system either water overflows from the tank till the operator notices it and turns its off, or if the tank is empty, it remains empty until the operator finds out and turns on the water pump.

We cannot reduce the water intake but surely can work to reduce the water wastage. Due to the widening gap between the shrinking water availability and the increase in population growth, water conservation is becoming increasingly necessary. Smart water management systems, enabled by IoT technology, shows the way to reduce water wastage by regulating and automating the filling and draining process.

Smart water management systems

The depletion of freshwater resources in many areas of the world and shifts in water availability have created a need for innovation in water collection and conservation. Conserving water is a major concern at a time when environmental resources are deteriorating at an alarming rate. Every drop saved today will count in the future.

Sensor based smart devices, have made sustainable water management a reality. Our lives have so many smart sensor-based devices that are automating systems and making things simpler. IoT-enabled devices like the smart water meters, automatic water level controller and smart water pump controllers, and smart water tanks make the smart water management system highly effective. Acting on a basic function of water flow regulation and system performance optimization, a smart water management system measures and manages the levels of water in multiple storage systems such as swimming pools, cooling towers, and water pumps/tanks, etc.

Smart water tanks are Wi-Fi-enabled, and sensor based to automatically monitor the water level in the tank and provide real-time updates through cloud-based servers. The automatic water pump controller operates the water pump as soon as the water level falls below the threshold and switches off the pump as soon as the tank gets full. Hence, the smart water tank solution ensures that the tank is never empty which means there is no shortage of water supply, and no overflow takes place from the tank which means no wastage of water.

Smart water meters operate on valves and pipes of the water system to track the water flow. It efficiently sets the pressure and identifies leaks in the system.

Water pump controller

What are the advantages of smart pumps and smart water tanks?

It is inevitable for certain industries and organizations to use water judiciously to enhance their process efficiency, save costs and for a sustainable planet. Wastage of water occurs due to poor water allocation, inefficient usage, lack of integrated smart water management systems and lack of proper control system. Hence, it is essential to have a smart water management system that enables efficient use, control and monitoring of water for all domestic and commercial purposes. Here are some advantages:

  • Wi-fi enabled automatic water management
  • Reduces effort and saves time
  • Dry run protection for water pumps
  • Reduces energy wastage
  • Customize minimum water level threshold
  • Triggers alarm on reaching threshold level
  • Automatic water refill on reaching minimum threshold
  • Detects leaks with smart water meters
  • Identifies and measures when water is removed or added in bulk
  • Controls valves or pumps remotely to move water while off-site
  • Real-time data-backed operations
  • Enables remote operations from anywhere
  • Manage operations through mobile app(Android and iOS)
  • Monitor multiple tanks on a single dashboard

EnergyBots helps individuals and industries to use water efficiently and monitor all its aspects with ease through mobile and web-based applications. FloSenso – the smart water pump controller from our experienced IoT team, enables you to set the threshold limits as per your water requirements and act according to customized threshold limits. We give you some reasons to consider FloSenso for your water management operations:

  • Automate daily operation and management of water from water pump connected to the main pipeline to your water tank
  • FloSenso app delivers real time data and insights on daily operations
  • Schedule the pump operation based on the timing of water supply
  • Get periodic updates on the water level in your tank
  • Automatically switch on or off the pump when tank is full or empty respectively
  • Simple and effective step to conserve water and reduce water wastage

To know more about FloSenso and how it can help you to control wastage of water, increase cost-effectiveness and enhance environmental safety, connect with the EnergyBots experts.

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