Cloud-based Asset Tracking Technologies and IoT solutions

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Cloud based asset tracking solution

From paper-based management to spreadsheets, and now to cloud-based asset tracking solutions, managing assets has been the primary concern for any business. Every organizational setup is unique which is why it takes a unique approach to asset management. In current times, the technological advancements have made the legacy systems obsolete, and a significant increase has been observed in the accuracy and volume of data collection, improving the efficiency of recording assets in day-to-day business operations.

Here, we shall explore the cloud-based asset tracking technologies and how they can help your organisation.

What does an Asset Tracking Software do?

When you own physical assets such as vehicles, computers, or other equipment, you will require advanced tracking solutions to keep a tracking of them. The process of asset tracking involves storing data such as location, ownership, technical details etc, with a suitable software. An asset tracking software gives you the benefit of easily managing and maintaining assets, while reducing the expenditure on your workforce that helps with these tasks. Asset tracking solutions are basically inventory management software that enable real-time insights on how materials are used, maintained, and moved. locate assets quickly. You get regular updates, and information on surplus resources with insight into supply management. IoT-based asset tracking provides predictive insights on usability of equipment and enables proactive maintenance.
Industrial IoT solutions for asset tracking

IoT-based Asset Tracking Software

IoT-based asset tracking solutions use sensors and other IoT devices to track the location and status of your valuable assets in real-time. These systems enable tracking of inventory, vehicles, equipment, containers, and people. IoT-based asset tracking solutions typically use radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, barcodes, sensors, or GPS tracking devices to collect data on asset location. This unique identification provides location information to a reader or scanner and sends it to the asset management software, which turns the location information into readable, actionable data.

Benefits of IoT technology in manufacturing units

Benefits of using an automated asset management software

Automated asset management software can streamline inventory tracking of an organization to handle time-consuming tasks so that employees can focus on more productive work. Asset management software optimizes equipment use and improve employee accountability. It takes a little bit of planning to properly implement this inventory management software, but organizations of all sizes are sure to benefit. Here is what an IoT-based asset tracking solution can do for your organisation:

  • Swift Automations
  • Prevent Delays
  • Accurate scheduling maintenance
  • Monitor Conditions
  • Asset Usage Optimization
  • Performance & Use Monitoring
  • Efficiency enhancement
  • Data and Analytics
  • Access to usage history

Asset tracking was historically used for tracking fleet-focused items (trucks, trailers, cars, etc.). Today, different industry verticals are using asset tracking solutions to leverage the power of non-vehicle-related assets. For example, RFID tags are being applied in manufacturing to automate inventory management, or in the energy/utilities industry to efficiently track and manage HVAC, in the healthcare market to track equipment and reduce wait times.

EnergyBots, an IoT products and solutions provider, delivers world class solutions for agriculture, industries, offices, malls, housing complexes, and households. From hardware and sensors to infrastructure, data management, and application development, our portfolio covers all aspects of the development process for an end-to-end solution. We combine machine-to-machine communication, the Internet of Things (IoT), and eBots(cloud based data platform) for increased automation, improved communication, real time monitoring and predictive maintenance.

EnergyBots, IoT-based Asset Tracking Solution integrates various elements of tracking assets into one interface. For example, EnergyBots systems give you a visualization tool to track the movement of various larger assets (like moving goods, trucks) any time of the day. You can provide more accurate service details to customer for service requests and product delivery. GPS asset tracking also allows you to improve security measures with geofences, where you will get a notification if a valuable piece of hardware gets delivered where it is not intended to.

Connect with the EnergyBots team to know how the asset tracking solutions can help your business improve operational efficiency and achieve growth.

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