Installation Services

EnergyBots helps individuals and organization with its expert installation team, wherein we install our water sensors, switches, plugs appropriately to get complete consumption of the household or business premises. We have observed, if left to individuals, all the points and appliances are not covered, which leads to incomplete picture of consumption. Our in-depth experience allows us to uncover hidden energy consuming devices that are not commonly visible. During initial design study or while installation, our team can immediately come up with some energy saving tips, giving you instant results.
Installation Services
Customer Support through eBots app

Customer Support

Our support staff can help troubleshoot and fix issues that may come up from time to time with your smart devices. We have certified support staff, that can immediately get on a call or chat, to help troubleshoot the issue with any smart device or sensor.Our Support team uses various communication channels like phone, email, our online chat, chat through our eBots app, whatsapp etc, making it easy for the customer to reach out when needed.

About eBots

Synchronizing your home/office devices and managing them from your smartphone has never been so easy

  • Energy efficiency indicators
  • Remote on/off
  • Excess Energy Consumption Alert
  • Connected devices indicators
  • Customizable App to map your home and appliances
EnergyBots products and solutions using IoT

EnergyBots products and solutions using IoT ensures

  • Customers are equipped with real time information about their energy consumption (Electricity, Water and Gas).
  • Remotely control and monitor energy consumption
  • Define and setup energy usage threshold at equipment/appliance level
  • Energy saving tips provided via eBots mobile app with robust Carbon Emission Calculator
  • Individuals and organizations are made aware of their Carbon footprint
  • Carbon saving credits provided to encourage energy conservation
  • Carbon credits can be used to avail discounts at our product stores
  • Tie-ups with few NGO’s enables our customers to use these Carbon credits towards plantation drives to help build a healthier environment for future generations.